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( pronounced ” per·go·la “ )
An arbor or a passageway of columns supporting a roof of trelliswork on which climbing plants are trained to grow.


Now that you know what a pergola is, talk to Prellwitz Construction about getting one of your own.pergola6

Pergolas aren’t just a deck on steroids, they serve as functional outdoor spaces that provide shade and plenty of places to hang plants, baskets, lights or wind chimes. Some are even used to train grape wines. A pergola can be attached to the house as shown here, or can be built separately.

Features to consider: Even without plants, placing overhead boards closer together or using wider boards increases the amount of shade a pergola provides. You can also angle the boards to maximize light in the late morning, high noon, or early afternoon.

Prellwitz Construction uses maintenance-free wood products by Trex in pergola and deck projects.

New deck: “Woodland Brown with Saddle.” Click thumbnail images to enlarge:


Trex decking and railing products are made from a unique combination of reclaimed wood and plastic, giving you the best qualities of both materials. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and insect damage, so there’s no rotting or splintering. The wood protects the plastic from UV damage and gives your deck a solid, natural feel. It looks great year after year.

trex2And because there is no need to spend hours staining or repairing, the enjoyment of a Trex deck is truly timeless.

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